High Quality Marineglazing

Welcome on our English website version of Gebo Marine Glazing, manufacturer of High Quality Marineglazing and additional products.

On this website you will find information about our company, products, both commercial as their specifications. Also you will be able to preview our products online and make an enquiry using our contact form below each product.

Please notice all GMG yacht and ship marine glazing products are manufactured in our advanced factory, located in Almere, the Netherlands.
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Gebo Marine Glazing B.V.
Versterkerstraat 1, 1322 AN Almere
Postbus 60277, 1320 AH Almere
The Netherlands
Phone: (+31) 36 521 12 12
Fax: (+31) 36 521 12 71

News & Latest work

high quality marineglazing

Smelne Yachtcenter keeps up the pace! Recently they took delivery of the ‘Smelne 1280S Exclusive’ which has been accomodated with various GEBO products:

Sima Charters located in Maasland has taken delivery of the ‘SC Amethyst’. GEBO has been responsible for the installation as well as the delivery of this seaworthy ship’s structural glazing.